Moglli feat. Panama – Push Me

"An acute expression of faintness with all its deep emotional components"

Moglii (Simon Ebener-Holscher) and Panama (Jarrah McCleary) released, together, today, Push Me a pop track that feels in the frontier between indie and pop, and that sounds both smooth and groovy.

The song was build from distance (Moglli is based in Cologne while Panama is based in LA) and the product of a collaboration that started through Instagram messages: “we had to bring this project together from a distance. I remember that I was texting Jarrah (Panama) via Instagram the first time. He answered immediately so we started a collaboration soon after. It turned out, that it was really a match in regards to taste and the musical vision for that project.

We can feel Panama’s dreamy electronic vibe in this, but for us, the highlight is the vocals which sound carriers of so many distinct vibes that reflect honesty. There is sensuality (but softly), there is story-telling, and there is exploration. And the video that illustrates the video certainly picks up on that vibe.

The track narrates a story about the sensation of rejection and is “an acute expression of faintness with all its deep emotional components”. The soft dreamy vibes that accompany the track from start to end create although a distinct vibe. One that feels relaxed and filled with a conscience. This is a beautiful track that resembles James Blake’s more emotional tracks but that certainly showcases both Moglii’s and Panama’s songwriting, and one that we feel perfect for fans of both. Like I am.

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