Gracie Convert – Sat in My Bedroom


I usually need to get on the streets so I can really think. I tend to “forget” my phone at home and, with some change for the subway in my pocket, I love to go see the Tagus river or the people passing by while I introspect and think about the important things in my life. I always needed the streets and my walking process to get things straight in my mind.

With that said, it is easy to imagine how stressful it has been for me to be at home all the time without the possibility of listening to myself in the silence of the busy Lisbon streets. Being single and alone most of the time, those streets are my lovers and my companion and I feel like I’m missing them more than I miss actual people – weirdo alert, I know, but I’m not a good example.

For couples, it has to be hard too, especially for distant relationships. Probably, married couples who are living under the same roof are having issues with all of this but for distant lovers that were caught in the middle of this atypical year, not being able to see, kiss, smell and feel the presence of the other half has to be incredibly painful and tiring. Time starts to stretch, the heart starts aching… ending up with tears and sadness.

Even though I’m a loner, I can easily relate to London based Gracie Convert’s latest in seconds! Sat in My Bedroom is out today (December 9) and describes what one feels when keeping up is almost impossible. Perfectly crafted, it feels both bedroomy and popish and the highly involving strings and synths are the soft and warm bed where Gracie lays her friendly and sweet voice. In my opinion, this composition resembles as if Men I Trust mated with Chet Faker but with a poetic pop layer on top of that.

Almost written like a message or a letter, Sat in My Bedroom is a beautiful and simple poem about coping with this extraordinary year and with “the confusing and unknown struggles of love under lockdown, the questions we ask ourselves during a crisis, and the consequences of having too much time to think”, making it a great song to listen to if you are going through some troubles in your marital life but also if you’re a loner like me that just wants to get out for some hours. It pairs nicely with a good joint on a rainy day which is what I’m going to do right now!

Thanks for this beautiful piece, Gracie. I’m really tired of sitting in my bed, was in need to go out to see the streets and this song felt like an incredibly good 2-hour walk.