Movie Club – Black Flamingo

"It’s a great joy to make cinematic visuals that pair with our music."

Lately I’ve been struggling a bit with adulthood and all the responsibility that comes with growing up. Personal goals, money, career, so many uncertainties. Midlife crisis? Nahhh it can’t be, right? I’m only 27! Maybe it’s just fear of the unknown, I tell myself every time I think about it.

I can’t but relate with the song Black Flamingo by Movie Club. It portrays a struggle and search for something that people don´t fully understand and I’m so familiar with that feeling these days.

Packed with strong beats and powerful riffs, the music takes us through a sound journey in search of a mythical animal, a rare bird called Black Flamingo, that has only been captured on video once to date. This feathered creature gives name, not only to the song, but also to the band’s first full-length record of 13 songs that range from slow ballads to powerful eccentric tunes.

Although audacious, the absence of lyrics, contributes to the mystery and magical vibe surrounding the song without ever compromising its overall quality and breaking conventional boundaries.

The Venice instrumental rock duo, Jessamyn Violet and Vince Cuneo teamed up with the magician, musician and owner of Fonogenic studios Ran Pink, to direct the music video and together they created a masterpiece worthy of Hollywood. Magic tricks, Venetian masks, weird costumes and extravagant dancing moves are just a small piece of the fascinating visuals that fit perfectly with the message behind Black Flamingo.

On the whole, Movie Club did an amazing job on this one, producing something bold and beautiful that they should be proud of.

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