Friends Til Breakfast – Heavy

Today's day doesn't have to be about anything.

Today’s day doesn’t have to be about anything. It is raining outside, we are all confined and the cold weather is making me lazy. I feel like I’ve been putting some pressure onto myself to get things done and as far as I know, sometimes we have to take a chill-pill and watch things pass by for a while.

It is hard to do it if you are a bit anxious like me. We tend to feel like we always have to be doing something, thinking about something, organizing something… it can be a little overwhelming and tiring sometimes (especially in 2020) and if you go years without taking some hours for you, it starts to get heavy.

Besides the weirdest of the years, musicians never stopped trying to make the world better, easier, and lighter and thankfully I have access to a lot of talent and relatable music. Just like this one.

Connecticut-raised, Oregon-based, Friends Til Breakfast is the songwriter, musician, and producer behind Heavy, today’s piece, which was released in August but just got to my attention today.

Mostly driven by the chorus guitar and the lovely smokey voice, this piece resembles the jazziness in some of Connan Mockasin’s or King Krule’s works. With a lot of lovely elements like the soft groovy drums, the punctuated bass, and some nice backing vocals, the track is completely perfect to mellow out for a while. The guitar lick is easily the most catchy thing in Heavy but you will find yourself singing it in the first drop.

Apart from the instrumental, Heavy is one of those pieces that softly explain a difficult subject – one of the must-haves of pop music for me. 2020 quarantine has been challenging for everyone and it is responsible for a lot of big changes in our personalities and daily routines. Now, when I go outside, I try to feel all the street stimulations, all the birds and trees, and mostly, fresh air. The poem sings about it in verses like “I bought a bike, to feel the wind”, making a deep connection with all of us since now we all know how it feels like to be stuck and alone at home and we all started, in one way or another, to look at life in a more sympathetic and deepful way.