la loye – I’m Still Asleep

Figuring stuff out.

The ’20s are a weird age. We know we want to be happy but we don’t know what we want. We follow feelings and people, often putting aside our happiness and well being. 

Now that I’m closer to my ’30s, I can clearly see some changes I made in my life that were definitively transformative and, in one way, for the best. But even tho I know some more stuff now, I usually get sad and confused with the path I choose. I find myself looking backward, questioning every single step I took but I guess that’s only human. 

Our track for today is quite deep but very easy to relate to. la loye, the Dutch 24-year-old Lieke Heusinkveld released yesterday (December 2) I’m Still Asleep, a great meaningful track about the intricate connection with ourselves, about sorrow, and about self-knowledge.

Playful and raw, la loye’s voice is both sweet and friendly. The track is mainly driven by the piano chord progression and her excellent singing. The drumming sounds almost chamber-like, creating the perfect atmosphere for the chorus explosion. I’m Still Asleep is nothing like the indie you are used to listening to since the song starts and ends with a beautiful horns arrangement, making the song sound a lot more involving.

Lyrically simple but on point, the poem is very well written and takes the subject quite simply too – We need to look inside, as often as we can. Every one of us had that feeling life is going by while we “sleep” in our comfortable mind and attitude, forgetting about what we look like inside, what we love the most, and what path to choose when following our dreams. 

This piece is a reminder that we not only are, but we also exist and I’m Still Asleep both touches flawlessly in that matter and easily turns into an earworm for every Elliot Smith, Radiohead, or Big Thief fan.