These are our best new indie electronic findings. 5th edition.

SHANGE artwork. 1st of june.

Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica.  This is Electromental – part 5.


We might be late to the game when it comes to SHANGE’s single HEADSPACE (released more than a couple of months ago). However, the amount of times we’ve been listening to it, being for productivity purposes, for chilling purposes or just to open our mind to possible and new ideas, is overwhelming, and for that reason, we had to include it in this selection. The track sounds fully electronic but also with an experimental edge and with a lot of noise incorporated in its variations. That noise sounds always with a purpose, and serves the song from a disruption perspective, as a melodic interference in a cadence that we get used to as listeners. That cadence – and that melody – are re-introduced in the final bits of the song, and if you leave it on repeat you will listen to it for hours without noticing it.

Quibus x IHAKA – Looking For You

This is one of those cases that we can’t label even if we wanted. Somewhere between SBTRKT, Disclosure, or even Trentemøller, Quibus brings down the walls around him and produces his music as melodic as minimalistic, and Looking For You is one clear example of that. The Netherlands-born artist joins forces with IHAKA, his former companion on Quibus 6-piece live band, a New Zealander Dutch-based, to create a unique track, and by unique we mean improbable in how Holstlag a.k.a. Quibus searches for the elements to include the tune. This is probably the reason why the music he produces works so well as a DJ set and live band. We leave you here with this hit.

Aaron Taos – Dazed & Amused (Tim Atlas Remix)

We don’t usually post about remixes or any other kind of version, not because we don’t like it or are too snob, but because we like to hear true creativity and originality. That’s why sometimes we “forget” our patterns and cover a version like this. Aaron Taos is a long-time “friend” of ours and doesn’t need introductions, his music is always welcome at WtMM, and this Dazed & Amused is no exception. The interpretation that Tim gives it, creating this extremely contagious track is absolute gold for us, it keeps Aaron’s mesmerizing guitar and mixes it with a systematic beat, taking Taos’ music out of the organic plan to live in the electronic world. And it fits perfectly.

GLISZ – Hunt

Hunt is a lo-fi track that pushes its roots in organic house, dominated by basses which spell the time like a metronome. Coming from an Italian duo who makes electronic music fused with downtempo, Hunt is a track that finds in its pace and vibrant bass and drum elements everything we need to pass the time being a bit more happy and groovy. A track that is also ideal for a soft dancing environment, and for production tasks that turn into boosted elements of productivity. You will find yourself, beyond the end of the track, still listening to a background element that runs the entire song without the listener really noticing it. And that’s magical from the crafter point.

Mokina – Orfeu

Inspired by the lights of Portugal, more specifically in Peniche, near Lisbon, the sunny days and the good community found there, Mokina, a Montreal-born multi-instrumentalist and now based in Lisbon made this kind of remix or rendition to one of the most well-known sambas, Samba do Orfeu from Luis Bonfá, which she calls just Orfeu. Mokina used her skills on guitar and mixing samples and the result is what she says “an uptempo & soulful groove that perfectly encapsulates the EP’s fine balance between organic instrumentation & samples combined with electronic undercurrents.” For us, is the perfect communion between three countries that see their homage paid in this cheerful, heartwarming, and uplifting track. “in this sun, I never thought my heart could be more full, but with you, there’s always room for a little more.”  are the lyrics Mokina sings for the first time in Portuguese.

London Grammar – Californian Soil (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Two months ago we wrote about London Grammar’s new track Californian Soil, on our also monthly article about folk music, TIFU, now we present you the remix made by Maya Jane Coles, for us one of the best DJs from London scene. The track combines not only Hannah’s voice but also instrumental elements from the original song used here to give depth and some intriguing mystery to it. Maya explores the rhythm of the song, which apparently can be more explosive than we first thought, or else wouldn’t be this Maya’s tendency we all know. Actually, there’s not much more to say about this one: is London Grammar remixed by Maya Jane Coles, can it be any better than this?

Moullinex feat. Ekstra Bonus – Ven

The fact that we’ve never written about Moullinex does not mean that we don’t like him that much. In fact, the Portuguese producer is one of the few artists that is unanimous around here. His last release, Ven, is a great mix between the works he’s been doing since he’s been working a lot with a full band, exploring more the organic instrumental elements and the vocals (his and some friends’ too). in Ven, Moullinex brings back his essence, making a great “song for the dancefloor”, another house hit that elevates a lot with Ekstra Bonus, who sings almost whispering, bringing that feeling we all had at least once when in a club, losing ourselves and someone comes and whisper in our hear. Just close your eyes and let yourself go. There are no dance clubs these days, unfortunately, but your living room can turn into one for a moment.

ELPENTHE – rev-o-lution

“Tired of watching the world burn through social media, I thought it would be more worthwhile to do something. I made this beat from samples I recorded from the Youth Climate Strike with Greta Thunberg in downtown Los Angeles last year”. The motivation behind ELPENTHE’s latest track rev-o-lution is the environmental hazard we are all in, and with the Pandemic effects that crisis continues to be very real. The track itself is pure genius, without noticing any speech patterns – but a rather small and engaging “buffed” vocals – the song finds its element in the gorgeous pace of the track. It is violent, but it is also very rhythmic, providing the listener with an extra edge and the capacity to sound eternal as a flow. ELPENTHE is an artist and an activist with a master’s in Environmental Engineering. And rev-o-lution is not only a cry for help regarding humanity but also a powerful product of a masterful sound engineer.

Little Weasel – Walk

We’ve said almost everything we wanted about Little Weasel’s latest track Walk on the earliest post this week, but as the number of times we’ve been listening to this only turn the song into an even better one, we wanted to highlight the beautiful video that illustrates the track. Raw footage of a market place in Lisbon where we feel immersed in the track and could really feel elsewhere. There is an urban feel to Little Weasel’s track that seems and sounds very hard to let go of. And we are only grateful for it!

You can listen to all these tracks (and previous others) in our ElectroMental playlist on Spotify or here: