Nicha – Little Bird

"A compelling force hailing from Northern Ireland"

I stumbled onto this song the other day in one of my online searches, almost by mistake. Still, Little Birds by Nicha, got me hooked in the first minute pretty easily.  

She often tries to help people with her music, raising awareness of current problems some of us face on a daily basis, in a stalwart and easy-listening way. This new theme is no exception. Despite the deep message and delicate topic addressed, “Little Bird” is a fresh and comforting breeze for those who seek independence, struggling to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship. 

Side by side with her producer Michael Mormecha, Nicha has been developing her own and unique sound, that even though is strongly influenced by different genres such as folk, reggae, or electronica, doesn’t seem to match any specific category. Her soothing Irish voice blends effortlessly with the melody, almost as if someone is reciting poetry alongside it in the background. 

The jaunty and catchy instrumental, gives the song a reggae vibe, resembling hints of Tash Sultana and Selah Sue, merged with smooth synthesizers that add a dream-pop feeling to it.

Overall, this song was put together in a very smart and elegant way, combining a profound message with strong storytelling skills that make us think and reflect, but, at the same time, do not stop us from singing along with the chorus. If this song speaks to you, allow yourself to be happy, and embrace it as a motto to finally be free and enjoy life surrounded by people who truly love you.

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