Minj – Rose Coloured Eyes

A lovely place to stay.

As the days pass, my soul is getting more sad, confused, and lost. In September of 2019, I choose to move to Lisbon (the capital of my country) so I could evolve in my career, make a lot of contacts in the music industry and play a lot of gigs. It all changed in March with the lockdown and now I got to get back north, to my hometown. I don’t know what tomorrow brings and it can be a little bit scary sometimes.

But as I complain, I know for a fact that all of my colleagues are in the same or a similar situation and better days are coming – they have to! Change doesn’t always have to be bad but it’s often sad or simply not expected. That is my case and Minj’s too.

From San Francisco, California, and released today (November 30), Rose Coloured Eyes is Minj’s way to tell the story I just did: She moved to the East Coast, looking for a transformative adventure and a new different life but she ended up going home because of the pandemic. 

The bossa nova guitar chords and the smokey beautiful voice are the driving instruments in this song, with hints of some piano here and there, just to make it closer and dear to us. The drums are simple and soft, going up and down with the chorus – a very catchy one, by the way – in a very jazzy and tamed way. 

The poem is an excellent way to look at our current situation: Not only brilliantly written but very touching and easily relatable, the lyrics on Rose Coloured Eyes are about coping with the consequences of living this weird life we choose: always going and coming and asking friends for places to stay and never sleeping, never belonging… I love my life as it is, nomadic, and a bit unstable, right, but still different and free. I accept it as it is.

The pandemic came to shake us up and made us re-think about what actually do we need to be fine. The crying time is over, we can clean our rose-colored eyes and make something out of this sci-fi movie-like situation. Even if it is a beautiful song about it, just like this one!