Luar, LEFT., Sara Cruz – Rest

Introducing Avalanche, a platform for Portuguese artists, this is "Rest" the silky indietronic pop ways of the collaboration between Luar, LEFT. and Sara Cruz

Released today, Rest, is the first release of a new musical collaboration platform entitled “Avalanche”. “Avalanche” is a collective formed by independent musicians that have the main goal of organizing, promoting, and facilitating collaboration between the Portuguese artistic community. 

Luar, LEFT. and Sara Cruz

Rest is the first product of the collaborations the platform serves for. And what a first track! Sounding between candy, electronically modernized, and tasteful pop, and with a lot of sensibility nuances.  The track is a collaboration between three distinct Portuguese artists, Luar, LEFT, and Sara Cruz, and is a song to fall steadily in love with. There are several cues to artists we love like Honne (LEFT.’ vocal tone) or James Blake (LEFT. and Luar electronic-infused production) and Ben Howard (the gentle guitar weeps and the sentimental build-ups), but also a lot of brute beauty that transpires as a product of the three minds behind the song. During about one minute and a half, LEFT. voice is serving the song and setting a mood of a natural melancholic tone constantly shifting to feelings of positiveness and compassion. Shortly after, we are surprised by the power silkiness of Sara Cruz’s voice, and that almost immediately turns the song into a caramel-like feeling. 

The big bass (electronic) elements in the track also give it a different edge. And that sort-of contradiction between the controlled but very strong bass intensity and the silky melodic duet is probably one of its biggest achievements. I feel it as a listener. Life is sweet and sour. And is a bit up to us to measure our takes and steps in a way we don’t get too untangled on things we can’t fix. As humans, we need to know how to evolve inside more than outside. We need to understand our faultiness, our deviations, our mixed wills. And looking inside we need to favor every kind of process that leads to accepting and understanding ourselves.

“The track happened in the midst of confusion when three artists, living in three different places during the quarantine, come together long-distance to try and convey a feeling that, while mutual, felt hard to phrase – acceptance can be complex and have numerous shapes, but there is a wonderful amount of bravery in it. The beauty of surrender, the artistry of stillness, and the hope that remains. Silent, but present”

The track comes accompanied by a beautiful video created by João Duque and Tiago Carvalho, that serves the purpose of immersion in the track in a way that it seems like the track is the perfect soundtrack to it, instead of the other way around. A very beautiful and rare thing to witness. The mix is by Alberto Hernández, and the song was mastered by Sassa Nascimento. More on each of the three artists and the Avalanche platform can be found below:

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