Little Weasel – Walk

Electronic, indie-rock, soul, world music. All into one energetic feeling.

Art by Natália Gromicho

Released in early November there is a track that has been in my mind longer than I can remember this month. And you know when 1 song takes you into listening to all others from the same artist? Yep. With Little Weasel, that trip is very nice and welcoming to make.

Little Weasel is a new project based in Portugal that mixes several types of electronic/danceable elements together in an electro-rock sonority that makes it hard not to move along. 

Walk is the latest track released by Little Weasel and is probably the more “cultural” one. The track integrates what sounds like an Oriental perspective to both vocal elements and some of the back instrumentals while keeping a clearly indie-rock vibe that is transported by the strong guitar elements. There is a mix of Legendary Tigerman and Moby in their sound, and that works incredibly well. The song is not only unique in sonority but also unique in the feeling it brings to us listeners. And the repetition in the cadence of listens will only work a charm. I’m probably untirable of this and the way it merges soul, funk, rock, and Arabian elements. Genious really.

In My Soul the vibe is once again very hard not to get into violently from the first listen on. The very catchy bass male vocals in the chorus make this a song very easy to feel electrified with. And the constant guitar melody in the back alternated with the steady and simple drum and some tasteful minor elements, really elevate the song. The repetition is also key, making the song one that continues to run down and up our veins.

Refugee is a bit less electronic and much more rock than the other two tracks. Being the first released it anticipates the rock vibes that seem to introduce Little Weasel to the music world. There is space for guitar solos, a minimal vocal harmony that is easily mistakable by any other instrument by being so well merged with the rest. There is again a soft repetition that works like a habit. One that we like to repeat.

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