Too Many Suns – Memory Lane

Ready for a dive into the beautiful memory lane?

“This is a song about going up and falling down, finding the “summer vibe” in a “sea of salt”, and dealing with the past while keeping a smile on.”

This is how the Portuguese band Too Many Suns introduces their newest track and album single – Memory Lane. The track is definitely one where we can feel the melancholy present in the subject but is also, and brilliantly, a feel-good song in that sense. We can feel that mainly in the way the track is filled with positivity, like in the open guitar echoes, the steady build-up, the way it resembles some great 90s rock like the one present in Mark Kozelek’s Red House Painters. There is a sense of poetry in it – also illustrated by the cover of the album – and there are a lot of beautiful melodies and an overwhelming sonority that fills the room and the brain. 

Probably the easiest way we will recall the track is the initial chord progression. But what makes us go back for more is the overall experience of listening to a track without having to think about it. Or make any effort to get into it. You just hit play and let yourself transport to their world. The song just speaks louder than its words and sonority. It is perhaps in the circular structure that it finds a way to surprise us as listeners. We can relate to it, we can feel it as a familiar feeling. We can sing it out loud. And we can feel embrace by its positivity. And those are a lot of things to feel about one song. Memory Lane is up there with the best.

Memory Lane is part of Too Many Suns newest album Meaning of Light (Pontiaq records). An album filled with dream pop and indie rock where each song is sounding like a distinct journey. From more upbeat rock elements and raw power to more delicate melodies like the one in this track. We fully recommend it:

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