Shrink – Eraser

"time time time, time and again…"

Love has many forms, smells, dynamics, etc. It evolves, it decays, it comes and goes and every single human is able to love any other human. It is deep and changes you. 

Probably the most common and probably the strongest is motherly love. Mothers are the one kind of person that can be people and also home. A safe place where we should place our fears at the door and just be. A hospital, a restaurant, and a therapist.

The passage of time only makes that bond get stronger and for every mistake we do, we have at least a sympathetic-for-life person, always waiting for you. That is the kind of love Eraser got me thinking about.

Released last Thursday (November 19th) by Shrink, a 22-year-old musician living in Kent, Eraser is both thoughtfully written and very well composed. It sounds like there is a clock the whole song – the finger-picked guitar, the drum rhythm, the plucked guitars… – and you can feel the passage of time and how it incredibly fluctuates according to how we feel. Even if we try really hard, we can’t be sure of what kind of musical influences helped in the making of this track, sounding like a new whole refreshing-sound genre in one piece – Somewhere between psy-pop and chamber-folk.

For Sam Breathwick, the head and heart behind Shrink, “Eraser is the most important and lyrically meaningful track on the EP” (which is out in the next year). The poem deals with “the unconditional care his mum showed in supporting his brother at the lowest moments of his life.” which is something I easily and rapidly related when I heard this song for the first time.

Momma loves you, no matter what you do, she won’t erase your mistakes from her memory but will care for you unconditionally, and sometimes it takes an extremely well recorded and composed song to make you pick up the phone, call her and tell you you love her too. Thanks, Sam!