Cousin Kula – Bouncing Bill


I have no feeling regarding today’s track. I simply heard it and loved it. That’s ok too, right?

I often relate to poems or attitudes, but this track is impressive on its own, and my heart followed the sonic sound waves rather than the lyrics or the message. I love it when it happens and Cousin Kula’s latest is really easy to fall for.

This band from Bristol is obviously jazzy, groovy, funky, psychedelic, cool, and composed exclusively of high-shelf musicians. Probably that’s why I had no trouble getting addicted to Bouncing Bill, the band’s latest. It is their final single of The Casa Kula Cassette EP and it is out today (November 24)!

The song lightly sounds a bit like some of Parcels’ songs, since we have a lot of synths riffing and flawless upbeat drumming giving the song a whole acid-funky vibe to the track. I love the vocal timbre, almost Connan Mockasin-like, and I guess that was another factor for falling in love with Bouncing Bill. 

Perfect if you want to pair your LSD with some soundtrack or just for some winter cold sofa-session with your cup of tea, Bouncing Bill is incredibly refreshing and a perfect example of what I like to call psy-pop!

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