WAVEBOMB – Facing Waves

Skateboards & Dinos

I’m a junkie on escaping reality. I’m almost in my 30s but I always felt like a teenager and far from my natural habitat. The adult world makes me sick and I tolerate nothing about it. But I still have to be an adult, right? Yeah, I do but at least I can run from the status quo image I should have.

We all know reality sucks and that is why we tend to listen to music or watch movies to escape it. I actually go for walks without my phone when I need to do it but we all have our different ways to run from unhappy days.

For this Singapore duo, the trick is to pick up your skate and dinosaur suit and ride the streets without a care in the world! They are WAVEBOMB and this is their latest song.

Facing Waves is raw from the top! Clearly catching vibes from my beloved White Stripes, the song’s structure is what a rock song should be: a lot of fuzz, overdrive, big kicks, and loud screaming vocals! The guitar riff is very British-like, something like the Black Keys would play but punkier. They topped everything with a very rebellious cool video where we can see garage rock band-like nonsense, with a lot of street-skating and fluffy dinosaurs!

The poem is assertive about our daily depressive state of being away from home, from our own hearts. Don’t get me wrong: away from home doesn’t have to mean that you are far from your residence but from your personality and your safe happy place. We often feel like we don’t belong to our surroundings and that is as human as love.

Life sure isn’t easy but it is up to us to make the most of it even if we have to fight everything and everyone to be understood, heard, and respected!