Matt Storm feat. Ivan Hartle – More to Find

"Is my mind all I got inside?"

Sunny Sunday here in Lisbon. We cannot go out but we still can catch a few sun rays by the window. The days are flying by and I think it is a great time to take five and chill for a bit.

Today’s track is not only calming and soft but it is a thinker as well. It has been an extremely challenging year and I caught myself almost meditating on what I should do next while listening to More to Find.

Matt Storm and Ivan Hartle are two Vancouver musicians who accidentally composed this beautiful song called More to Find, which was released last Friday (November 20). They are used to each other since they were already working together but this new track came out of a jamming session and got me like heroin.

Highly influenced by some of Chet Faker’s soulful contemporary R&B, More to Find is breezy sounding but involving too, mostly because of the Wurlitzer that is playing the whole song. Both voices are smooth and soothing, throat-driven, making the whole vocal melody sounding like a close whisper.

That whisper talks about rewriting our future, making up new plans, and believing in what we have to come. If there is anything we learned with 2020 is that nothing is written in stone and life changes in seconds.

We must adapt and react to survive. In my opinion, we should do it calmly.

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