Half Bath – Alone

Loneliness is waaay better than solitude!

Today is a good day to talk about another kind of being alone, one that I love in particular because there are differences between loneliness and solitude and in my opinion, one is way better than the other.

Solitude tends to get sad with the time, like a cloud above your head. Everywhere you look you feel empty and cold. Loneliness, as I see it, is pretty cool: We can drop some Miles Davis and a bit of acid, and our home turns instantaneously like the grooviest but sacred place you will ever know.

Alone is the third track on Half Bath’s latest EP, Don’t Microdose Alone, and it gave me the chills in the relate-o-meter from the starting point: I love to get around the city (Lisbon) without my phone and I kinda make a whole point about it: Humans deserve to be with themselves.

It sounds a bit like Lennon’s solo works (soulful rock n roll) but also with a lot of more modern influences, such as some of Tame Impala’s inventive drumming. The piano is the most audible companion to Half Bath’s vocals but there is some space for some fuzzy guitars here and there and some synths here and there.

Lyrically, it found me before I found it: This poem sings my true love and joy for being alone, really alone, without a single care in the world to keep me looking at my watch, without a person waiting for me… I know that we can be free even being social but I love loneliness and my introversion and honestly, it is enough to make me compose or write or simply breathe and smile.

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