RIGAMAROLE is the song we needed to survive this year. RnB, Pop, Rap, philosophy, intention, catchy elements, dancing moves. Perfection.

Rozet © Teva

Sometimes we have the opportunity to listen to great new tracks that will eventually transform into hits and eventually make the maker a pop star. I truly believe that will be the case with ROZET. And her latest track RIGAMAROLE is the ultimate proof that perhaps I was needing.

The basis of ROZET’s sonority is somewhere in the middle between Jungle and projects which are more pop. She is on that tip of the indie iceberg where you can easily see the commercial coming through. Do you know what I’m talking about? Maybe Billie Eilish illustrates what I’m stating here. 

But let’s talk about the music itself. RIGAMAROLE is a vibrant Alt R&B track that is formed by three distinct parts. A Lady Gaga-like introduction that urges a cinematic feel and that introduces us as listeners (and watchers) into the metaphor behind the song. She talks about how people tend to think nowadays, how modern feelings are more attached to feelings of manipulation and mental hearth where our bodies are not necessarily combined with our minds. A time where we feel tired and we can’t let ourselves be possessed by the huge amount of stimulus to which we don’t have the time. And through all that, we have to survive a time where a pandemic is keeping us at home, a time where police brutality keeps happening without reason, and a time where the politics being elected seem to favor all those crazy feelings. 

The track comes accompanied by a short film where the song can be heard in between two monologues that set the modern subject tone. The start is slow-building and serves perfectly the introduction of the very strong (and clear) vocal elements. From the first moment, we feel engage with it, and after a very short while we feel the urge to sing along. There is modernity, and there is a novelty. There is rap and there is pop. And there is a beautiful mix of influences that someway sound very solid and like a proper genre on its own. The final bits of the track brings us back, once again, that sort of Jungle sonority where everything seems to make us wanna dance, and where the sonority is filled with attitude and pop hooks that fill our mind for an entire day.

RIGAMAROLE is for me, easily, one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. For its elements of surprise but mainly because of the way it mixes a very strong melody with a very needed message. Filled with attitude, filled with gorgeous hooks. ROZET will be The thing.

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