Mullally – Lonely Too Long

"We'd been too lonely too long"

Sometimes I wish I could run away from life, to the proverbial deserted island. I got addicted to the joy of being lonely and this personality characteristic of mine starts now to make a lot more sense, day after day, in my life. 

It may reason with the fact that I never liked people that much. Or probably, I’ve been lonely for so damn long that I got Stockholm’s syndrome from this supposed-to-be-bad feeling that got my life hostage. I don’t know, but it sure feels less lonely when your loneliness is not only understood but also beautifully sung. 

Either way, being lonely sucks most of the time, and Mullally, a 23-year-old Suffolk-based singer and producer had the brilliant idea of mixing both the sweet happiness of being freshly in love and the adjacent sadness to a breakup.

Lonely Too Long marks the latest for Mullally, who got help from Eg White and John Green to craft this beautiful piece. Highly reminiscent of old-school composition, this song is neither Soul nor Pop: It is both, in an excellent combination that also drinks a bit (in my opinion) from the R’n’B classic ambiance. Mullally’s voice’s performance is amazingly recorded, flawlessly produced, and sounding like he is “here” right next to us, with his close and friendly timbre. 

The poem is a great pop-way to communicate and make love and loneliness a lot more relatable: Every loneliness-state starts from a previous company, a team, a relationship, a love story… it often tends to start incredibly well and to end really badly. For me that I’ve been single and kinda introverted for the last five years, I almost forgot how ridiculously good it is to be with someone you know, care for, and love, something I got a reminder from these lyrics too.

Lonely Too Long got me back in memory lane, thinking about this process of living alone for so many years and it made me feel great about my loneliness because now I’m sure I just want to not-be-lonely again when my love, my rightful love arrives to shake my world and stay ’til the morning