Evie Irie – Misfit

"So what if I don’t fit the system?"

Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

Today’s track is about fighting with society’s worst traits: Ignorance. I’ve been seen as a weirdo all my life, maybe because of the way I look at it or the way I live it. I never felt normal, did the normal thing, and never got interested in what I was told to do. That’s why I have a soft spot for misfits!

Evie Irie, a young Australian gifted songwriter must feel the same, and to stress it out loud, she composed Misfit, which is out today (November 19), and is a part of the recent The Pessimist EP.

It is the light modern punk attitude that got me closer to this song. Down-strummed guitars mixed up with a lot of electronic textures, and on top of everything, a great screaming beautiful voice made me stop what I was doing to write these words.

The poem sings (extremely well) how hard it is for us, misfits to rise every day to do our own doing, under suspicious and discriminatory looks. It takes a lot of soul to shout I DON’T CARE! and a lot of energy too. We often hurt ourselves with this attitude. obviously, but despite the down-sides of being apart of the system, I wouldn’t change a single shit and this poem gives me the strength to think so.

Actually, I got used to it a long time ago but thank you Evie for the very cool reminder!