Neon Groove – Distant Love Affair

The distance in our way.

Today I’ll bring you a funky but sweet-talking song. A highly groovy track about distance and joy, love and sadness. It is Neon Groove’s latest!

Distant Love Affair is the first single from this Hawaiin-based composer and producer. Keoki Kauhi is deeply in love with retro music and this is the place he uses to intrigue people with soulful ’70s funk influences as some 80s and 90s synths and drum machines. 

Despite the very funky vibe bass line, the highly cool falsetto, and the 70s-like horn section, this song is incredibly well written. Fully dynamic, it goes up and down, in and out… it is what makes the instrumental part of this song so attractive, in my opinion. Besides that, it is addictive as well since it is full of catchy melodies, a classic move from the old-school funk music.

But I’m all about danceable poems and this song is here for that reason! The lyrics on Distant Love Affair are spot-on: Highly relatable – every human already went through that road once – and perfectly crafted to sound like a love letter.

It is an absolutely complete piece of art, full of neon love dreams and groovy saudades.

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