Chelou – Wayward (feat. Amp Fiddler)

" Life's so simple if you let yourself go"

Mondays come with the promise of a nice, soft week for me. I love this white-page-feeling that keeps me busy thinking about the forthcoming days and possibilities. 

That’s why I choose to play this song for you guys today. I usually write about artists I don’t know but today I’ll bring you someone I think is one of the best acts out there, nowadays. Today I’ll talk about my beloved Chelou’s latest track, Wayward.

Ever since I listened to Out of Sight and Halfway to Nowhere, shown by a close friend, I fell in love with Chelou’s work: Simple, folk-like guitars and soft frail vocals can be psychedelic and involving too. Lyrically, is also simple but inquisitive, almost meditative. Not sad or happy, but highly real, raw, and relatable. At least, I relate to. Easily.   

Wayward comes a week after this British artist’s new album release (Real, out November 20) and incredibly right on time, for me. I was in need of this song and poem since things had been so hard lately. We tend to close ourselves every time we feel a bit lost or hopeless; we often run away from people if we need to restore some energy. Nothing but human, right? Yeah right, but it doesn’t mean we HAVE to do so. 

Chelou uses Wayward to remember us that we are able to create a new, more friendly world if we let ourselves go, for a while. Dream-following is hard but is possible and healthy! Problems are all around the corner, every time, for everyone, but we can choose the way we look at it. I choose to see it by Chelou’s spectacles: 

“Life’s so simple
If you let yourself go
Have another drink on me
And let the good times flow”

What a nice way to start a week, huh?

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