Mystic Simon’s Magical Lucky Friday

"Today, Friday the 13th, I'm all about luck!"

We’ve been under some bad luck, lately. This year is kicking us in the head like a hooligan and personally, I had enough of it so today, Friday the 13th, I’m all about luck!

Sprints – Manifesto

This Dublin-based post-punk four-piece, female lead by Karla Chubb choose today’s day to release their second single, Manifesto. The track is built like a punk fierce piece of art, with a little of industrial drumming here and there and spits attitude in every direction.

Manifesto is that: a screaming reminder that you are what you want to, what you need to be. Your body belongs to you, just like your ideas and feelings. Men, women, both or none. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do and I’m sure you have a good middle finger to flip off if necessary, fearless.

Valley Boy – Cigarette

Valley Boy is a duo from Los Angeles, composed of two buddies, (Ian and James) and they are releasing their second single today as well. After Black Cat’s success, Valley Boy gives us Cigarette, a friendly uplifting track you have to listen to!

The composition is absolutely out there: it grabs influences from Tame Impala’s mixing techniques, especially regarding the bass line and the drums; it fluently runs between the rhythmic guitars and the very cool-sounding keys: it is filled with great layers of church-like choirs, creating a pretty cool sense of sacred salvation. The perfect indie-rock specimen.

The poetry is not only strong but highly relatable since it talks about the coward kid I was, always afraid of something my friends wanted to try. Now I fearlessly smoke half a pack a day and kinda miss the young chicken-boy I used to be but this track got me thinking and took me back to those days.

Medium Build – Good At Being Lonely

Nick Carpenter, an Alaska based composer, is the body and mind behind Medium Build, a 5-year-old project rich in the 80s and 90s pop and R’n’B influences but also full of sad danceable feelings.

Lucky or not, today is the releasing day for Good At Being Lonely, an involving song filled with melancholic but revivalist elements, such as the small drum set, the ultra-tight bassline, or the soft vocals reminiscing some Grover Washinghton Jr., Bill Withers, or George Benson.

The instrumentation pairs perfectly with the lyrics. Good At Being Lonely is a healing song for the recently (or not) heart-broken. Romantic relationships tend to makes us lost in someone else and when the final moment comes, we usually forget about the things we loved to do. Breakups aren’t easy but you are able to turn yours into anything you want: Sports, series binge-watching, your favorite food, whatever. Since I’m awesome at being lonely, I fully related to this single since I got to listen to it. Loneliness is about what you make of it. For me, is just another word for freedom.