YEP – Prime Mates

"Holding onto something we believe"

This post is dedicated to: Beatriz Szwarc, Jantonio Silva e José Coelho, my very own prime mates.

Life is been presenting itself to me like a rusty black hole. The last days were a bit hard on me and I still feel a bit lost in between all of that. But I’m still here, in the corner, waiting for my energy to rise up so I can put my ass on the game again.

Most of the strength I got to manifest and persist with my life dream comes from my closest friends, my chosen family. I love them and I must thank them for all they’ve been doing for me. All of them, all of my prime mates.

Today’s track is about this relationship we humans tend to find and care about: Friendship. It comes in all different sizes and colors and we would all be lost in the dark if you had no friends at all. We are an unpredictable and weird animal but social and giving too. 

Prime Mates, YEP’s latest, is a happy indietronica piece all about counting on your buddy when things get cloudier and harder. Life isn’t always easy, the path isn’t always clean but we don’t have to walk it and clean it alone!: We have our friends, our besties, who are never going to leave you behind to clean the whole mess by yourself. We don’t understand why we care so much about our friends. Even when we are angry with them, we are there for them. We choose to love them and we will, unconditionally. Besides parenting, I don’t think there is another relationship as a friendship and I’m very happy with the ones I got. 

I often talk about the musicality of my posts but this one is for you and your buddies to listen to, for you to be surprised while you spark up a joint and talk about your day.