Courting – Popshop!

"Over and Over Again"

This young indie-rock Liverpool band released this track last week (November 6) as the consequence of their first single David Byrne’s Badside and it stuck with me. 

Drinking influences from all around the British rock spectrum ( smells a lot like post-punk and Parquet Courts), the teenage-sounding riffing guitars, full of stamina and party-filling chords, the disco-like drums and bass, the radical but friendly voice, the British accent, the indie vibe… everything in this track sounds quite rich, enough to make me spin on my chair, but I felt for the poem, as I do often.

This is not a political or social commenting kind of music: This is a fun way to stare at the music industry. As a composer and musician, I love the fact that my vision and point of view are seen as fact all around the world, by many other artists and creative workers stepping on the same problems I do. 

Popshop! is irreverent and spits irony like a dragon. We often tend to make our art a little more sellable, a little more fitting. We tend to create something good, sell it for a bunch of money, and follow the previous musical formula so we can climb up the charts over and over again

I believe artists are highly creative for a reason: To helpfully touch others. We need to be heard so we can help people but it doesn’t mean we need to be heard by every single person in the world. There are so many beautiful paintings, on walls all around the world, that we won’t ever look at. So many songs I know I’m never going to listen to. I believe that is a great Art feature – it is universal and not-dogmatic and each individual is able to find his own. 

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