Samuel Nicholson – Susan

Sentimental power and sentimental value, this is Samuel Nicholson.

Samuel Nicholson picture, he is standing agains a red wall wearing a black coat. His face looks serious and he is staring at us.

This is not the first time we write about Samuel Nicholson. We’ve previously said his “vocals are unique, raw, deep, and sentimental” and that “is the kind of voice that makes a song stand out both as a story and in power”. And we want to say it again. His newest track is entitled Susan and is once again a glorious song. And once again we feel the intensity he charges every song with, and the perfect mix between sentimental power and sentimental value is just out of this world.

Susan starts up with the usually irresistible guitar vibes. Those ones that never disappoint. We feel the urge to clap our feet instantaneously, and the song does not take very long to grow in intensity either. By the time the song hits the first chorus, we are already banging our head too. The simple drums are perfectly introduced in the track giving it a sense of illusion in terms of rhythm. While the whispered vocals sound more and more intense – and filled with sentimental nuances – the guitar is riffing along an endless sea of calm, and the drums tie everything together.

Susan is the final song in Samuel Nicholson’s second LP entitled Missing Persons Report, an album that feels like Ryan Adams has turned into a good guy while his vocals gain hoarse power. The sense of folk-Americana composition is flawless, with every single track sounding coming from strong within feelings, and with a sense of rock elements that give them that extra edge. We are leaving the full album below for you to give a listen to. For us, this is a 2020 keeper.

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