Scoobert Doobert – Take a Breath

Fly around with Goku and a whale.

Calm down for a while. Take a deep breath in… and out… feeling relaxed already? Yeah, it takes some more breathes to kick in, but in case you don’t know, we humans are born with a lot of body-and-mind-altering substances. Oxigen, done right, is a very potent sedative. 

Even though I tend to easily stress, I meditate for 10 years now, every single day. It helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety, and it is still a handy tool to keep my head up and clear. Sometimes, it tricks me, tho: I think I’m falling asleep but it looks like some weird sci-fi movie mixed with a great feeling in my body, like if I were being pulled to the spiritual realm.

I never thought I was crazy regarding it. I understood that there are so many creative people out there, probably “imagining” the same experience, that I couldn’t be the only one having it. I’m not! My man Scoobert Doobert knows what I’m talking about!

California-raised, Scoobert Doobert had an out-of-body experience and told everything about it on his latest track, Take a Breath. Mainly about that experience, this track is highly calming, like deep, calm breathing. 

The cause of the sedative effect of this song? Probably the soft guitar arpeggios, the downtempo beat, and the falsetto soothing vocals. Probably the fact that the chorus sings “Take another breath” helps too. I don’t know. Take a Breath it is not only dreamy sounding but also very well written: The chord progression is quite jazzy but this piece never loses the popish-like catchiness, making the whole song a lot more interesting and easy to listen to again and again.

The poem reflects both how can your anxiety trigger you and how can a simple deep breath be so powerful to calm you, between Scoobert’s description of what he saw during his experience in a very creative but simple way, creating a virtual relationship with the listener, giving us the idea he is just our friend, telling us something.

Lyrically advanced and beautifully crafted, this song is not only tranquilizing like heroin but it is very addictive too, so be careful!