JW Francis – All There

We share a similar joy!

The song I’m gonna show you today makes me feel comfortable in my own messy loneliness. I tend to easily fall in love. I’m a romantic and there is no vaccine or cure for that matter. If I’m in love, all I want to do is to be there. Somewhere near her.

Even though I’m single now, music eases the pain, and for me, to know there are other people in the same situation, to know that love is a fight for everyone, brings me a weird peaceful joy. 

With that said, it wasn’t hard for me to fully relate to JW Francis’s newest track. All There is a love letter from Francis’s waiting and inquiring heart and is the main track on his debut album (We Share A Similar Joy, out today, November 6th). The song is brilliantly composed and features a rhythmic hooking pattern, hard to ignore.

Mainly guitar-riff drove, this song has both some Hendrix hypnotic string skills but also very modern lo-fi bedroom dream-pop influences, creating both a deep circling movement for the whole song but an involving feeling as well, like if we were under a soft-psychedelic warm blanket.

This Oklahoma born, Paris raised, New York-based licensed city tour guide writes flawlessly and the poem is highly intelligible, made by pop for the pop: Simple words able to lead the listener to fully relate and feel related.

As I been saying, that is what pop should be: Simplicity and catchiness, and we can find both on All There since the poem is easy to sink in and the chorus is absolutely addictive!

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