Temple In Men – The Light

"The Light basically comes down to hope. To see and to be the light and staying positive"

I spent the last hours trying to find some hope while things were falling apart. I’m tired but still didn’t quit. My face still hurts from the beating but I can take some more punches, I guess.

Didn’t find hope, tho. I went out, looking for signals, for mute sentences, for something I could read clearly. All I got was a gentleman, on my way home, calling me by “young man” and telling me to lace my shoes. He cared and it was enough to hit me something: I’m still here, right? I’m my only hope!

Came home to write some words for you guys and the first track I found was this one. The Light is the first single from Temple In Men’s debut album, Spots of Light. The Stockholm-based artist likes to float between the 70s Marvin Gaye and soul music but also gets some inspiration from most recent acts like Tame Impala and Gorillaz. In this track, he is able and creative enough to create landscapes filled with both dramatic/cinematic elements and catchy melodies and chorus, but always with a lo-fi, weak-like feeling.  Mainly driven by the kind sweet vocals, keys, and strings are highly touching but strong, almost empowering – hopeful.

The poem beautifully sings, with a good amount of warm reverb, about hope. It is a golden treasure in the human feeling spectrum; Is pure light for the being and inexplicably, the one mind-fuel we are born with. Change is around the corner, waiting for us, and the best way to be prepared for it, or for pain, or for loss, is to be hopeful. Even when it starts to hurt so much you want to quit, look inside, tie your shoes, and keep going. The Universe will find a way to tell you to re-tie it when it’s necessary. The rest is path for you to walk, hopefully.

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