Iska Dhaaf – Unheard Choir

Cure distance.

I never hated Mondays. I hate Sundays because I suffer from anticipation but the Mondays are pretty cool: New faces and places and opportunities are around the corner and it makes me feel alive. But this one (today) feels a little different.

I see how it can be sort of confusing for my beloved reader but I got pretty happy when I saw Unheard Choir was going to be released on a Monday because it gives that Monday morning feeling I love so much. 

This track is Iska Dhaff’s latest and the final one of UP, the Brooklyn based duo’s most recent EP. Is a track about our distant or lost loved ones and it made me relate a lot with it from the first second. In Portugal, November’s first is the day we all celebrate the passing of our family and friends. 2020 insists on being different and this year, I wasn’t even able to check on the living ones. 

Between sacred and haunting, it feels pretty good to be involved and soothed by this track’s arms, constantly holding you, more and more as the song grows. What sounds chamber-like pop in the beginning, softly opens to a very danceable piece, like a dark-purple flower opening up to an early 00s London dancefloor’s club soft light, with a trace of some jungle drum n bass drums. The poetry is amazingly well crafted, especially for a downtempo influenced track: Like Air, the french band, Iska Dhaaf’s poetry is able to create a lyrical universe with little, soft, and simple words, making the song a lot more relatable to the listener. 

This is supposed to be a hard Monday, today. Even for me, a Monday lover, I can feel some sadness in the air, today but if you want to stay positive, you should go ahead and listen to Unheard Choir. I’m sure it can make the loneliness go away for a while.