Takykardyia – Ode To Angst

"I’m just glad I got to know you"

Today’s track comes from Denmark and was released on October 30th. It sure made my foot move but the poem is a brilliant one and that was the thing that got me stuck. Oh, and the way Luna beautifully sang it. This is an Ode to Angst.

Takykardia, a name I’m just finding out (but one WtMM introduced about 2 and a half years ago), is a danish upcoming trio, formed by Luna Matz, the vocalist, the keyboardist David Nedergaard and the drummer Troels Dankert and as I see it, three very creative and tasteful people, able to combine textures from trip-hop to dream pop. 

The track is the final single before the very anticipated Better, their new album, (out on November 6th) and it sounds just spat from the middle of a London 90’s club. It goes deeper tho since it sounds very contemporary and refreshing. Luna’s timbre is unique and almost impossible to resist, as the lyrical world evolves on this song. 

The poem is as touching as powerful: As the singer explains her traumatic experience of growing with OCD and anxiety, we, the listeners, can both relate to and get some strength out of it. Fear and anxiety issues are all around us, within us, or between our family and friends and we should always look out for some hand that could be reaching for help. Or sometimes, just a very good track about it, like Ode to Angst is enough to show how we need to rethink and treat our demons.

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