Cortney Dixon – Telly

It won't feel like this forever.

So…2020 right? Right, and you guessed it: this is my post about it. 

As a musician and a composer, it feels kind of hard for me to talk about the recent months. I’m almost 30 and I was almost sure this would be the year. My year. You know right? I’m pretty sure you all felt this had to be the year that everything changes for the better, artist or not. 

I’m not built to desist but sometimes it is a bit hard to keep our sadness away with the dreams of long venue nights and cool-location festivals. Now, I and many other musicians and artists are trying to get our voices heard in any other way, with the tools we can reach and use. Cortney Dixon is one of that crew.

Owner of an incredibly rare but beautiful timbre and a flawless good taste for writing songs, Cortney Dixon is clearly the one artist able to get me really thinking about this whole mess of a year with her newest track, Telly. Not just watching the news and complaint but really sit for a while and think what would it be like to be on the stage right now, sound-checking, performing, and sharing the love. 

Telly is a part of Cortney’s new E.P., released on October 23rd, Won’t Feel Like This Forever, (which is the last looping sentence she sings in this song) and is a rare case of introspection since it sounds nothing but great soft dreamy soothing pop. At first, I felt like I was in between Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoît Dunckel, and Connan Mockasin (my probably three favorite artists doing stuff right now or as I call them – not dead) but the poetry is where the song really got me – it is clear as water, as pop should be; it is highly relatable as pop should be; it plays with words, as words like to be teased. 

Lovely recomforting lo-fi static and crackle sounds are a pre-involving element on Telly, only multiplied by hundreds with the beautiful string synths and the deeply sweet backing vocals. Despite the subject, this song is also very calming, with a drum pattern almost hypnotic but not destructive. The mixing and mastering are perfect to listen to while drinking a cup of spiced tea or whatever floats your boat.

This is the piece I needed. And I don’t know about you guys but now I know it won’t feel like this forever. Right, Cortney?