Kacey Johansing – I Try

You were born to be you!

Bukowski would say for you to not try. I kinda feel him but my heart is heavy and it needs to be hugged and cared for.  Sometimes we need to get up and try. Other times we have to retry again and again. And so did Kacey Johansing.

I Try is the first single from her forthcoming album, No Better Time (out on November 20th), and this LA-based producer and singer-songwriter (who runs Night Bloom Records) is looking for something quite emotional,  personal, and involving.

Kacey’s voice was the hook for me. She sings deliberately soft and sweet, with every note floating out of her throat like colored clouds but she never loses the loving and, somehow, the cool-cat attitude. 

The song is highly influenced by the new pop music going on out there, such as Men I Trust or Weyes Blood but it doesn’t feel like it is trying to get in between the genre rather than just being playful and looking out for a creative and a personal voice. Lovely laid back guitars and keys are a must-have for a song like this and the drum sound is a perfect companion to the bass line we can listen through the whole song.

I Try is a poem about self-love. Is a poem about retrying. A poem about how traumatic can it be to be someone else for someone else. We crave relations and love so it is easy for a human to mask up and try hard to be loved, even though we don’t love what we had become.

The thing about trying is that you will probably fail. The thing about failing is that we have an opportunity to try again. If so, be yourself. Be your lovely sweet self, even if it sounds lonely and sad sometimes.

You were born to be you!