Meggie Lennon – Mind Games

Wanna play?

Meggie Lennon, formerly known as Abrdeen, is a Montreal local singer-songwriter with incredibly good taste, an exquisite voice, and a will to dream.

Mind Games is a single recorded alongside Samuel Gemme (Drums, bass), Jules Henry (Guitar, synths), and Gabriel Lambert (Guitar) and it catches the listener from the start with a lovely guitar lick that smells like high, hot, horny, and sweet summer nights. 

The involving chord progression shows some composition and songwriting skills, making Meggie an excellent surprise to me. It’s really easy to find many different influences on Mind Games. Such as Air‘s soothing synth strings or the Tame Impala kind-of-recording-and-mixing and even some clear-as-water way of singing, just like some of Men I Trust works but this track is hers, a personal performance, diving into Meggie’s mind, where influences are just influences.

Lyrically advanced, this is a song that talks about our human ability to fall in love, without a parachute or a net. How many times do we get stuck in a love story with no return? How many times did somebody play with your deficiencies, nightmares, and fragilities? Meggie doesn’t answer to it neither but sings about it. Beautifully!

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