Gloom Balloon – All My Feelings for You

Gloom Balloon latest' is love and you can feel it right from the start.

Love is such a feeling! It turns you upside down and a little messy and radical sometimes but it is a great human feature. If not so, why would we be singing about it all the time?

If there is something about this track, it is love and you can feel it right from the start. Besides that, it sounds just like my kind of love: It makes me want to go for a picnic, on a sunny spring day, with my woman by my hand and with acid on my tongue.

All My Feeling for You comes on Gloom Balloon’s newest album, So Bergman Uses Bach To Get His Point Across, I Feel Like I Have Chosen Rock But At What A Cost and this track is the perfect reflex of what the album is about: human feelings.

This Iowa composer and producer (Patrick Tape Fleming is the name!) got the sparkling idea from the Beatles I’ve Got a Feeling while asking himself what kind of feeling could that be. Probably, there’s where the Beatles vibe all around the song is coming.

Flowered horns, uptempo piano and drums, falsetto choirs and a raw but dynamic voice makes the little lover in me start a party in my heart. The track is the perfect example of a good modern track influenced by the classic greatest rock bands and artists (besides the Beatles I can hear a little of Joplin, Elton John, or Looking Glass’ Brandy).

A great song singing a great poem, full of love energy, enlists feelings and asks if the listening-lover is able to feel them too. Isn’t love great? It is and this track is a great love letter if you’re looking for one.

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