Neil Frances feat. Raffaella – On the Lookout

On the Lookout for you new favourite song? Search no more!

Photo by Kyle Jetter
Photo shows Neil Frances duo sit with the singer on grass on a very sunny day.

Looking for the perfect Sunday chill? We mean, are you On the Lookout? Pun intended the gorgeous new track from the LA-duo Neil Frances (Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry) is based on a collaboration with the New Yorker Raffaella, and is, for sure, a bass-based candy. 

The gorgeous falsetto like vocals introduces Rafaella vocals into a groovy and funky vibe that sounds pop-based but super innovative. With few margins to some hits from Jungle, but with its very own sonority, the deep electronic bass elements are the perfect contrast to the fragile and sensual vocals. And as the song goes by we feel its funky breeze in a very easy and natural way. This is a song we can dance along to, a song we can sing in the shower, and a song we can appreciate in more detail by paying attention to the range of background elements that the duo constructs throughout the track. 

The song that “tackles the dark underbelly of celebrity obsession and the popularity of morbid comments on social media” is indeed an ironic or critic of something that is getting more and more overwhelming, and that nowadays is very hard to deal with, even if you are at peace with yourself. The track sonority however couldn’t be farther from the feelings of the thematic, and we believe that almost any living being on earth will feel these grooves pouring through their veins – soon they hit the play button.

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