Alexander Biggs – Low

Slow Saturday? Dealing with too much emotions? Try "low".

Alexander is sitted on a dark wood chair, looking at the camera. Behind him there's a beige wall with a vase inside a vase and a cactus shaped plant. He is wearing black and has high boots and a gentle face.

We are no strangers to Alexander Biggs (you can find previous articles on Alexander here, here and here), but that must be because his singles always get to us in some way. Written from within (like every other of his songs), Low is his newest release and comes along with the announcement of his long-awaited debut album entitled Hit or Miss. This is the opening track of the album and talks about the perpetual state of sadness and how that can also be shared with someone else. 

The track is melodically what Alexander got us used to, a gentle folk song infused with rock and pop bits but where everything sounds lyrically intense. The vocals are one again the beautiful highlight of the track, refreshing a feeling that we once felt every time we heard a Nick Drake track. And just like Drake’s tracks, this one also sounds both lightweight and dramatic. Just like life itself. And that ability to retract life, time and time again, is both beautiful and heroic.

Hit or Miss is released on February 3 of 2021 and now available for pre-order on Bandcamp. More on Alexander Biggs can also be found in the below links: