Grey Oakes feat. Julius Tunstall – sad boy

Chilled evening vibes to get you mentally in shape? This is sad boy, for all of us who need a lift.

Image showing Grey Oakes in an old car, sited on the window frame, chilling. In the back there is a blue sky with tones of yellow. The car is grey and looks from the early 90s. He is a thing man with a strong figure.

Feeling those chilling end of day vibe? We were not feeling it until we heard Grey Oakes’s newest single. This 22-year-old from North Carolina grew up playing Guitar-Hero and listening to John Mayer, and when you read that first you might expect his songs will come out excessively commercial or forced. They don’t. But they do sound chill and spacey. Ideal for that chilled mood that is more and more needed with these troubled days we’ve been living.

But we should talk about the song, coming out from his debut album Introvert, it is entitled sad boy, and features Julius Tunstall. Sounding like a gorgeous fusion of R&B and Pop, there are obvious Mayer influences in sad boy, but there’s also simplicity and naturality we cannot feel away. The song talks about when loving someone can get your mood to change if they are going through a bad mood. It is a song about mental health, that sounds like a balsamic, and provides the necessary sonority for a troubled mind to get peace and a rhythm going on with it. Both the meaning and the sonority are inline in this one, with this sad boy making us feel like happy boys (and girls). And that’s everything we can ask from a song, isn’t it?

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