Yawn – Wasting Time

In need for a impactful surprise? This is Wasting Time the latest dream-pop wonder by Yawn.

You can see a white wall and a lot of fog, and the midst of it all you see her, with red air and a pallid face.

Sometimes we just need to be surprised. And surprises have distinct ways to be built. Sometimes a surprise is something that combines things we know and love, with new ways we have not quite seen or heard before. We are talking about Yawn. She has been our surprise of the day.

Yawn is a project by Julia McDougall, a Canadian who also lived in Berlin for some time. And those influences seem to favor her musical craft. Wasting Time, her latest single to date and the first this year is a beautiful combination of dream-pop with something-else in an era where dream-pop is everywhere in its comfortable but less surprising form. And that’s for itself not only surprising but refreshing. This is one track that makes you feel like you know what’s coming, but then you do not. And her vocals are always spotless and powerful, while melodic and unusual. And both organic and modified. There is a subtleness in Yawn, and Wasting Time is the latest proof of her geniality.

The track speaks about how committed an artist has to be and how sometimes everything is on the line for a dream. It is also about pushing against capitalism and societal norm, while still leaving under those rules. We can hear some Feist influences, but we can also unsee it several times. And it always feels like we are going along on a journey but never really feel sure about how everything will end. And all this is broadcasted by a beautiful vocal flow merged with hints of electronics and organic artificiality.

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