"Learning to live with your demons"

Let’s go back for a while, ok? Music used to be, since the beginning of times, a way to keep in touch with something bigger; sometimes, it was just a way to keep traditions alive or to bring pure joy to people. We evolved, (I guess) and so did Music. In the last century, we, humans, learned that music can also improve people’s life or amplify the voices of the voiceless. I don’t know if Music is serving humanity or is if it’s just a tool to maintain some sanity on this moving planet.

So let us go back to 2020. Unfortunately, the voiceless are still the same. Nowadays, the streets are slowly getting ready for some new kind of voice, a strong scream, strong enough to start the change. 

If I can say something about the voiceless is that poems and songs like HOW CAN I SLEEP are the right amount of punk attitude but also pop simplicity and clearness we need to chant that scream onto the streets!

Almost written like a love letter, Evenson’s newest track is brilliantly composed, performed, produced and it is bringing sexiness to the revolution, falsetto to the voiceless scream, catchiness to the revolutionary hymn, and despite its heavy subject, it is not heavy in any way. 

With traces from all around the music spectrum, it sounds to me like Prince jamming with The Weekend, with a bit of Bowie’s here and there but you’ll maybe recognize other artists and genres in this track.

Pop music is supposed to be the ultimate voiceless megaphone and HOW CAN I SLEEP is the perfect way to make my point clear.

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