[TGIF] Make It Last

Though times, great songs, 8 new ways of saving our daily lives.

Illustration by RGB (featured), 9th October 2020
A cartoon looking man is floating, you can see him belly up, the sea behind him has a purple color.

From acts we already wrote about (we like to call it our friends) to new findings and established acts, this week highlighted a bunch of releases that makes feel refreshed and more able to fight these strange times. Music always finds a way of carrying us through everything, doesn’t it? 

These are our favorite new releases – or as we like to say, eight ways of saving our daily lives:

The Bergamot – Make It Last

Not needing any introduction, our friends and idols – The Bergamot – just released another beautiful track. Entitled Make It Last, this is a track about mother earth, and how we all should place ourselves in a place of empathy and concern. It is a track that just like The Bergamot, does not intend to judge or to condemn, but rather make it more evident the necessity of making a change. And just like its subject, this is a track with several perspectives in terms of sonority, being an obvious highlight the incredible twist a bit after the 2-minute mark. It sounds like a “sonic eruption” and the meaning of it on the subject at hand is at least curious, but certainly meaningfully, working, for us, as a wake-up call. The whole track transmits lightness with the beautiful male-female harmonies sounding like a warm familiar voice for change. Everything can be summed up to “We have to make it last”, but we don’t want to sum up the subject, just like we don’t want to sum up the track. This is one to hear time and time again. Like the good voices in our heads.

Danielle Durack – Broken Wings

Danielle Durack is one serious case of every-song-is-a-great-one. Since we’ve noticed about her (about two years ago), that we can’t be indifferent to most of her songs. The latest one is called Broken Wings and it’s a surprising one! Evolving from a folk-ish meets pop sonority, the track soon enters in a more indie rocker vibe. Honoring perhaps names like Sheryl Crow, Danielle’s vocals on the track are not only outstanding but utterly surprising. Hooks after hooks, sensibility, and power, a lyrical meaning too, all about Broken Wings is refreshing and meaningful. And even though its meaning is a self-critical one, the huge pop meets rock vibes going on turn into much more than that!

The Leatherbound Books – Where I Want To Go

You know those songs that when you first listen to you feel you already heard it before? That familiar sense of belonging to a song? The Leatherbound Books are a pop-blended with folk that brings us back the sonority we like so much in folk acts that make more commercial songs. Where I Want To Go is an immediate folk stunner that finds in its nostalgic-meets-storytelling melody the greatest power. The power to enter our soul.  The track embodies the idea of grounding oneself in the past in order to pursue a dreamed future. Something we do several times a day…

Maurice and the Stiff Sisters – Fender XII

Soon the song starts we know we are in for a trip. Maurice and the Stiff Sisters are a rock ‘n’ roll band that likes to achieve singable hooks and showmanship. The vibe on their newest track entitled Fender XII clearly showcases that, and makes revive some old but welcoming feels for old-sounding rock ‘n’ roll! Still, the track also achieves some kind of modernity we can’t quite explain. The chorus is catchy for sure, as we find ourselves singing it middle-way first audition, and the track grows from start to end embodying a mix of The Who with a folkish vibe and even jazzy elements.  “Surprising” to say the minimum!

RGB – Fading

RGB are (another incredible) Tel-Aviv based band. They were formed at the end of 2019 and mix several distinct genres into a beautiful modern blend of music. Among them, the most evident is neo-soul and also their common passion for romance. Therefore, their latest single – and the first to gather our full attention – is a catchy neo-soul track that finds in her gorgeous vocals something a voice of consciousness. The way they repeat the words is filled with a magical vibe that manages to transform that repetition into a sort of ritual in the head of the listener. Fading is a beautiful track “about the trace we live in, and how it seems like everyone is always on the run and in a rush when all we want to do is fulfill our dreams” and could easily be considered a musicians’ hymn.

Mira Lu Kovacs – Pull Away

In the indie music world since 2013, Mira Lu Kovacs experience in making touching and sensible songs is bringing the best about her on the latest singles. Pull Away, her latest track is filled with sound and melodic energies to which we feel in owe. Magical and light, but at the same time so human and powerful, this is a track that finds in her vocals the central star, but which instrumentals seem to have been strategical thought of. Everything sounds like a necessary trip to the soul and heart of the listener, with the obvious pop influences almost sounding like something coming from a vivid dream that still sounds magical with our eyes open. Tremendous song!

Deau Eyes – Haven’t You Had Quite Enough

Deau Eyes is Ali Thibodeau a Richmond, Virginia “born and raised singer, songwriter, actress, choreographer, nanny, truck driver, waitress, construction worker, tour manager, baker, bartender, painter, Harry Potter World witch, tap dancing self, camp counselor, journalist, Sou Cycle receptionist, puppeteer, open mic host, saleswoman, team building expert, free sample distributor, box office attendant, personal assistant, Zumba instructor, and dog walker”. Impressive? We feel she is a victim of modernity, with all the good and the bad things that bring. But one of the best things it brings is that all those crafts are also in some way combined in her sonority as a music maker. Resembling Courtney Barnet style in some way, Haven’t You Had Quite Enough is for us, a beautiful introduction to Deau Eyes’ flamboyant world, one where a song is never the same and keeps changing without ever losing its sense of story-telling. Hitting the play button will give you the most unique song we’ve posted in a lot of months.

Trenton – Golden Coast

Golden Coast is “a moody alt-pop track about letting go of the past and learning to look forward to the beauty that is yet to come. There are always hardships, but the contrast between the ugly and the beautiful is what makes life worth living. Sometimes the most beautiful things in our lives go unnoticed until they are absent. This song is about trying to see those things right in front of us in the midst of any trials or pain that might be mixed in“. 
Trenton describes their latest song, Golden Coast, this way, and we are immediately drawn to it. The indietronic influences and the way the song sounds modern but still borderline surprising – always on the verge of change without really truly changing – is what first made us stick to it. Then, it actually changes, and turns itself less electronic and more organic, more natural too. Fighting with tragedy since he was a kid, it seems Trenton is getting all that emotional power into emotionally charged tracks, and the only effect about