LEISURE – Lonely Nights

Let me tell you a little about LEISURE's Lonely Nights.

This five-piece band from Auckland, New Zealand, is releasing its third single from the upcoming E.P., Side A and they did it funkly! Let me tell you a little about LEISURE’s Lonely Nights.

Its first kick gets us right back to the late ’70s, getting us up on that bassline’s back and taking us to a moon of smooth faces and clear fresh winds. The drum kit is tuned to sound so tight, it makes my heart jump with the snare hit, and both the guitar and the keys are incredibly well balanced, keeping the song both sexy and dreamy. 

A lonely but subtle voice starts to sing a smooth melody, almost whispering secrets in a very passionate and playful way. The lyrics are both poetic and simple, straight to the listener’s heart: The singer is telling how it feels about someone special, someone who is easy to love. That’s probably why he is trying to replace his special someone’s lonely nights for something better and healthier.

Lonely nights are incredibly dangerous and sad: There is where you meet your nightmares and fears. Keep the night time safe, get someone to love you!

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