Possumwulf – Last Chopper Out Of Saline County

Possumwolf is a name you might be hearing in less than we can imagine. Presenting his newest single and with an EP on his sight, Possumwulf is making Post-Rock like "big guys".


Only few things hit us in such different ways than a proper Post-Rock song. It takes our bones out, it makes us float, it makes us infinite and sometimes we don’t feel a thing. Or everything at the same time. You know the feeling? That’s the reason why we absolutely love to cross our paths (or ears) with a good track like this Possumwulf presents today.

Possumwulf is a one-man-project, a “lucky shot” after an atempt that went wrong -an album suposely called The Book of Revelation- and a few songs that stuck around and ended up giving life of this “new” Possumwulf. Last Chopper Out Of Saline County was one of those.

The song comes up with something that reminds of a sirene. No surprise though, since the track was written while in quarantine and “everything felt like it was coming apart in the spring”, as he said. A voice appears and we want to focus on that but the instrumental builds up in such a perfect tempo it’s hard not to feel mesmerized by the guitar and deep bass.

The song encouters its apotheosis in a certain generic way, but that doesn’t makes it less majestical or, in other hand, apocalyptic. We don’t think MONO, …and you will know us by the trail of dead or We Lost The Sea would do that moment a different way…

Listening to Last Chopper Out Of Saline County closely one can actually end up “singing” the melody, or notice the deepness of the vocals and bass to relax the whole body and mind, or be amazed by the electrifying drums and synths, or just enjoy the whole “picture”. We prefer the last choice.

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