thomTide – watersFine

watersFine is the second single from the mysterious thomTide.

If I like anything better than music is some pretty cool mythology and the greeks were the best at addressing different human feelings to the almighty gods. San Diego’s thomTide made my day bringing the classic story of Tantalus to an incredibly well-composed track called watersFine.

It is genderless in my opinion: I feel some creative synth exploration, a natural Lo-fi pop sign but it rises from it, breaking the chord progression here and there, serving a soft but stable bed to lay the poem on.

If Tantalus got punished the way he did, why do we keep on doing the same, again and again? Fool humans should be doing better by now, right? Wrong. Just like the Greek gods, we feel and tend to act under an emotional charge every time we are upon something challenging. Sometimes we want to be around the gods, trying to be one of them but we often fail because failing is as human as feeling and we crave it so much, we serve our own children as a feast to the Olympo.

Now we are standing in the water, with our eyes on the fruit trees and while we slowly burn in Hades, at least we could have a really good swim. We may never drink or eat again but the water is just fine down here!

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