Kraków Loves Adana – Darker Darkness

Intense, dark and hopeful, one more gorgeous song by Kraków Loves Adana

Krakow Loves Adana Darker Darkness

The deep and dark vibes of Kraków Loves Adana are no novelty for us. This is the fifth time we write about them at WtMM. And the reason why that happens is that their music has that something special that speaks louder than everything. Certainly, a rawness, and a clearness – they make use of distortion in a tasteful way-, the dark vocals transmit also a lightness typical of a voice inside our heads. Their songs are typically about love, and they certainly reassure the dual nature of it. But in the end, everything makes us feel better, more together with ourselves, more certain of our position in the world, without leaving the sensation of faith and positiveness.

Their latest song released about two weeks ago is the intense Darker Darkness. Once again we can feel the dark vibe in the track, but we can also feel the light soul in it. The 80s-like synth – already typical of their sound – starts it all, with what sounds like a harp too. Deniz Çiçek’s vocals get into the track on her story-telling style. Both gorgeous and raw, almost like a sorrow whisper – a lot like what Matt Berninger does in The National. The track flows with the incorporation of Robert Heitmann’s guitar solos, and the subtle variations sound like this is a track with her own soundtrack.  The redundancy is perhaps what gives the whole soundscape to the track. One where we feel immersed from start to end. And one that lingers in our soul. Like a proper dark motivation that is still positive and pushes into being better. Like a magical piece.

Their 5th studio album – Darkest Dreams – was released 3 days ago (25th of September) and if like us you feel both melancholic and balanced in all the right places by this track, you should certainly hear it close to your heart:

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