Nick Louis – Your Rose

Sweet as a petal.

Your Rose is the name of the first track of this Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist producer, singer, and composer, Nick Louis. He is also a member and a songwriter of the band Night on the Sun. Besides all of that, is a sweet, loving, involving, and meditative song.

It plays softly, starting with the subtle but involving guitar chords and the enchanting friendly voice. I got struck by the poem because I’m a lyrical person but this is the kind of poetry that makes the whole big-production type of song simply unnecessary. 

I’m a romantic so I can relate to love letters on a hardcore level. This one played with my heart because of its simple tone: Nick sings something we can all relate with, at a level we can all relate with and that is pretty cool. It is not only touching and dreamy but a very healthy way to think of love.

On top of it, the chords perfectly fit the words. Or the other way around, I don’t know. I do know I need more music like this. Thanks, Nick!

There is an E.P. coming soon, currently being made and I’ll be here waiting to check it out!

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