Spoon and the Forkestra – Pirates

This is Spoon and the Forkestra and their mellow powerful, indie-rock-meets-indie-everything sonority that we will never forget.

picture by Laura Schepers
Spoon and the Forkestra WtMM

When we hear a new project like the one today it’s probably the strongest we feel reassured of our mission as a magazine dedicated to very new indie projects. It’s satisfyingly worth it! Catching a project like Spoon and the Forkestra at the beginning of their career it can only be an honor. And we will try to explain why in this article.

The first reason why:

Pirates is their second song so far and this year. A track that mixes in perfection a classic sound (there is almost a surf rock in there) with bits of modernity, and together bring the track to a very interesting and long edge. And like ourselves, you just have to let yourself go with the video (with some good headphones on) to understand why. The echoed drums that go across the entire track, the super melodic, sensible, and powerful vocals, the gorgeous surprising variations; the sonority that feels like levitating the entire time; the catchy chorus that feels like juvenile adulthood.

Pirates narrates a conversation between two old friends who are about to lose each other. “It is the desperate call for freedom, a dance on the edge of the abyss between impetuous euphoria, and deep despair“.

The second reason why:

Listen to Mosquitoes and try to stay indifferent. There is naturality, and a natural sensibility that relates to our own lives, to the details we think we are the only ones to notice. But there is also a sort of invisible strength and power. The type of strength we need to keep looking forward and that soundtrack the good simple things in life. It is love in the form of music. The most sincere and genuine feeling there is. 

The final reason why:

Mosquitoes and Pirates are the two first of four singles that anticipate Spoon and the Forkestra’s debut EP to released at the end of the year. The young duo Emily-Mae Lewis and Timo Zell. There is a lot of music coming from these two, and that itself is a beautiful silver-lining to all we’ve been living and feeling. We can’t wait for it!

Photo by Philipp Seliger

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