JVMIE and lionel Cohen – Fuck This Mess

Tired of this whole situation? We are all in this together, and we will eventually get out of this mess. This is our daily contribution to feel it all together.

“This pretty much sums up how all of us are feeling at this time…”

The words are from JVMIE & lionel Cohen about their collaboration on their fourth track together. Entitled Fuck This Mess, this is a track with all the letters and all the feelings, and a track that made our day. First of all because of how unique it is. Well, we can easily relate it with several past acts – such as Portishead -, but we cannot definitely found many new projects with such a distinct sonority. Secondly because of the mixed approach between classical and fiercely modern. And third, because it sounds like a masterpiece. A 007 cinematic fierceness is there, but also a lot of jazz and trip hop feelings, a hauntingly beautiful and powerful voice, and a lot of intensity on the sea of beats, drums, and guitars.

With Australian singer-songwriter JVMIE trapped in her home country, and the French film composer lionel Cohen facing this humanitarian crisis in LA, the two merged all those feelings of isolation and social privation into a track composed at distance. And the result is this marvelous track where we can get lost time and time again:

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