lùisa – Deep Sea State Of Mind

Strong and heart-felt compassed indie-pop is still our favourite no-brainer.

lùisa deep sea state of mind

“Every day we are flooded with images and expectations. We are told to optimize and deliver constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we lose the connection to what is really important. Then our mind searches for deeper answers, and we need the space in which we see our own vulnerability and sadness not as a weakness but as our human depth.”

The hauntingly true words are from lùisa, and serve as the perfect explanation behind the meaning of her newest track, the gorgeous Deep Sea State of Mind. In its genesis, a indie-pop song never really feels like pop but more like an honest track about feeling human with beyond beautiful vocal registers and touching variations. Some of the instrumentals bring us back that Mike and the Mechanics type of pop-rock that is both energetic and widely cadenced, leaving space for thoughts and self-awaraness of our feelings as listeners. The fact that this is her first single in three years may have also played a role in this, and the track echoes strong and full of sentiment, both in her vocals and in the whole sonority.

Deep Sea State of Mind is the first taste of her long-awaited new album, coming Spring 2021. We can’t wait for it.