Madelline – late night text

In need for a Monday changer? This is Madelline:

Monday pop anyone? Or should I say, everyone? Madelline is a singer-songwriter hailing from Connecticut and based on Montreal, who does indie-pop with gracious intensity and those catchy edgy vocal elements that make almost any listener stick to it until the end. And then, going back for some more.

late night text is her latest single. Released a couple of days ago, and in advance of her upcoming EP (NOISE COMPLAINT). The song is recorded in her own studio (and mixed through zoom) marking a new beginning for her, one with total freedom to explore her creativeness and ideas. late night text talks about deserving more than just the minimal efforts from someone – a feeling that seems to be more intense the more we grow up – culminating in a very catchy and Lorde-like chorus about refusing to wait around for a message that might never come.

What makes the track a great pop song is the way it builds unexpectedly and filled with details. She does not go for the typical pop hooks or commercial elements but seems to “play around” with the song, revealing new elements as we get more into the track. Also, her vocals always seem on the verge of exploding, and we can feel the contained power in every word. That type of sensibility and (may we say) containment reveals good taste and creativity, making us stay hooked and waiting for a bigger variation almost at every second. Clever songwriting, and a very good melody, does the rest.

This is Madelline’s third track after the release of On a Different Wave (that sounds more Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa kind of pop) earlier this year and her debut with Ghost (more dreamy and airy, but also super entertaining with her deep-toned vocals sounding special) in 2019.

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