LXGEND – Angels & Devils

Making a life in music, one record and one YouTube vlog at a time.

What does it take to pursue a dream? Courage for sure. Commitment. Resiliency. A healthy dose of recklessness. Belief in one’s self? Maybe. Or, maybe more accurately, just an incredible, driving passion that pushes you through moments when you don’t have that belief. 

Passion is the first word that came to mind when I listened to LXGEND‘s music. It energizes his words and his body when he tells his story. It pulses through his limbs on the tutorials he posts on GarageBand and YouTube, sharing various tips and production methods. It’s the kind of energy that has launched a thousand artists’ careers, fuels the hearts and minds of creatives, is studied and professionalized in TED talks around the worlds, and that drives people every minute of every day to take a leap — big or small (like, for example and totally hypothetically, a mid-life, mid-career professional starting to write about music).

A singer, songwriter, musician, and producer from San Diego, California, LXGEND’s passion for music is also, now, his life’s work. A friend of mine turned me onto him; she follows his channel and has appreciated his tutorial videos as she dabbles in making music. LXGEND is a self-taught pianist and a one-human production company. He curates a dynamic YouTube channel as a platform and an ecosystem for his projects, talents, cultural commentary, and ambition.

Last month, he released his own music: a debut record titled Ouroboros: Prologue. LXGEND cites Kanye West as a major influence, which is clear in the electronica-forward, beat driven pop music that he makes. Angels & Devils is the standout track for me. Insanely catchy, it has a syrupy feel in the verses. A straight-ahead, head-nodding downbeat and LXGEND’s vocals are warm and buzzy with electronic manipulation. He flips things in the chorus, going all 90s-era R&B mode with layered vocal harmonies, a synth line that sounds straight from a Casio keyboard, and even sing-songy rap lyric.

It’s a pop wonderland and the rest of the record likewise brims with influences and ideas. What ties it all together is that passion and LXGEND’s  commitment of himself to the creative life. Much more to come from him, so be sure to follow along with his journey.

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